Welcome to Our Counseling and Consulting Offices.  


     Our office has recently begun to provide a blend of both “in-person” and “telehealth” mental health services.  Due to the continued risk of the COVID virus we are requiring all clients receiving services at our office to wear masks in our waiting room and all common hallway areas of our office. All telehealth mental health services will continue to be provided via a secure telehealth platform.  Please call our office if you are wanting to enroll in mental health services. 

Please be aware that Dr. Tobin and Dr. McReynolds are only providing telehealth mental health services at this time. Moreen Foster, LPC is currently not taking any new clients into her practice.  All other therapists in this office are offering a blend of in-person and telehealth mental health services based upon your preference. Full vaccinations are strongly encouraged for in-person services.  

Our office is looking for additional Oklahoma licensed mental health professionals to join this practice to assist with the volume of requests for services. If you are interested please contact our office through our confidential email address: counselinginedmond@protonmail.com.

Our confidential email address is not to be used for emergency communications nor emergency interventions. If you are in need of an emergency intervention please call “911,” or take yourself to the nearest hospital emergency room. 


We Believe:

There is Hope in Change;

Value in Developing and Managing Healthy relationships;


The Potential in Each of Us for “Effective Emotional Regulation.”

We genuinely look forward to helping you and those in your life achieve positive mental health, healthy interpersonal relationships and greater value in your life.  We invite you to call our offices and make an appointment.

Our Office Number is (405) 340-4321

 FAX number is (405) 340-9408

SECURE ENCRYPTED EMAIL ADDRESS: counselinginedmond@protonmail.com


About The Offices:

Our Offices are comprised of independent licensed mental health professionals and office staff who are here to support your counseling and consulting needs.  Licensed mental health professionals are available for appointments Monday through Friday, including two evenings each week.  Each licensed mental health professional is a provider for many insurance carriers and also accept private pay clients, those who choose to not use insurance to assist in payment for services.  If you would like to read about the various mental health therapist providers in our office, please go the “Professionals” tab above. For more information regarding which therapists are providers for the various insurance panels please go to the “Insurance filing” tab above.  Also, please contact your insurer to verify your coverage for mental health services.  During this current period of the COVID-19 pandemic you will need to inquire with your insurance company whether you have telehealth coverage for mental health services.

Mission Statement:

We are committed to excellence in providing counseling services founded on…

  • Hope in change
  • Personal growth and development
  • Realistic options for current issues
  • Responsiveness
  • Encouragement
  • Acceptance
  • Building and maintaining healthy families
  • Child advocacy
  • Improving relationships
  • Power in humor
  • Recognition of a spiritual source
  • The value and art of communication

Business Mission:

We are committed to teaching minds, touching hearts and building relationships.

Business Goals:

  • Maintain an excellence in providing quality care.
  • Provide a seamless business process from your first phone call to your final counseling or consultation session.
  • Provide compassionate, effective and efficient reception, scheduling, insurance processing and billing through effective office management assistance.



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